Flora Siberica Absolute Recovery Shampoo

Natura Siberica
Absolute Recovery Siberian Ginseng Shampoo for Damaged Hair480ml“Absolute recovery” shampoo for damaged hair deeply nourishes and restores hair, returning it softness and elasticity. Hair gains luxurious shine and radiance from the roots to the ends. Siberian Ginseng is a unique natural source of vitamins A, B, C, organic acids and oils that deeply...

Flora Siberica Absolute Recovery Conditioner

Natura Siberica
Absolute Recovery Chamomile Altai Conditioner480ml“Absolute recovery” balm for damaged hair deeply moisturizes and restores the hair structure without weighting, effectively combats brittleness and dryness of the tips. Altai chamomile is indispensable for maintaining and enhancing the beauty and health of hair, thanks to a unique combination of organic...

Flora Siberica Deep Colour Shampoo

Natura Siberica
Deep Colour Siberian Iris Shampoo480ml“Deep colour” shampoo for colored hair gently cares and delicately cleanses the hair, preserving the brightness of the color, giving the hair a dazzling shine. Siberian iris is a beautiful northern flower, widely known as a beauty preserving agent due to its high content of vitamin E. It is also rich in essential...

Flora Siberica Deep Colour Conditioner

Natura Siberica
Deep Colour Rhodiola Rosea Conditioner480mlThe saturated color balm for dyed hair effectively nourishes dyed hair, preserving color brightness and shine. Hair becomes soft, docile and radiant. Rhodiola rosea, due to the extremely high content of essential oils and antioxidants, helps to nourish and restore colored hair, while maintaining brightness.Apply...
Luxurious Volume Fireweed Kamchatsky Shampoo480mlShampoo "Luxurious Volume" for thin, hairless hair gives the hair a stable volume from the very roots. Hair becomes more elastic, docile and shiny. Kamchatka fireweed, known for its high content of tannin, organic acids and vitamin C, effectively strengthens hair, giving it strength, volume and incredible...
Luxurious Volume Melissa Officinalis Conditioner480ml“Luxurious Volume” balm for thin, volume-free hair gives a firm volume and radiance, instantly moisturizes the hair without weighing it down. Hair becomes incredibly obedient and strong. Melissa Khakasskaya is characterized by a high content of vitamins C, E, D and a unique combination of essential...
Deep Colour Calendula Khakassia Hair Mask200mlThe “Saturated Color and Shine” hair mask prevents pigment leaching and preserves the color brightness of dyed hair, effectively moisturizes and strengthens them from the very roots, giving smoothness and a healthy glow. Due to the unique composition of essential oils, the high content of carotene and vitamin...
Magnificent Volume Aquilegia Siberian Hair Mask for all Hair Types200ml“Luxurious and thick” hair mask effectively nourishes the scalp and hair, strengthening them and giving elasticity. Hair becomes more dense, voluminous and obedient. Siberian aquilegia is a natural source of essential oils and organic acids, which deeply restore hair, strengthen it,...
Ultra Nourishing Yak Milk Hair Mask300mlThe ultra-nourishing hair cream mask based on Tuvan yak milk and cedar oil provides enhanced nutrition and hydration of the hair, restores its structure from the inside and stimulates growth, makes hair soft and silky, without weighing it down. Milk of Tuvan yak is almost twice as fat as cow's milk, it is a unique...
Limonnik Nanai Strength & Growth Hair Mask370mlIf you want your hair to be smoother, stronger and shinier, try our strengthening hair growth mask with organic Burdock oil, Arctic Sagebrush and chamomile.0% silicones, 0% BHT-BHA, 0% mineral oil, 0% PEG, 0% parabens, 0% EDTA
Siberian Ginseng Protect & Repair Hair Mask370mlIf your hair needs protection and repair, try our hair mask with adaptogenic Siberian Ginseng, oil of wheat germ, Cloudberry seeds, Savage Lungwort.
Limmonik, Ginseng & Biotin Anti-Hair-Loss Shampoo for all Hair Types400mlBuy this with the Super Siberica Hair MaskCertified Vegan by the vegan society with wild harvested plant sof Siberia
Limmonik, Ginseng & Biotin Hair Mask for all Hair Types100mlBuy this with the Super Siberica ShampooCertified Vegan by the vegan society with wild harvested plant sof SiberiaNanai Limonnik contains a great number of nutrients, micro elements, vitamins & minerals and has incredible strengthening and tonic properties. Organic Nanai Limonnik hydrolate tones...
Organic Coloured & Damaged Hair Shampoo400mlThis protective shampoo helps to effectively protect color-treated hair by gently cleansing it and moisturizing dry damaged hair for long-lasting colour.Rhodiola Rosea has key active components rosavin, rosarin and rosin. These healing compounds are concentrated only in Rhodiola Rosea of Siberian origin, where...
Organic Energizing & Protective Shampoo for Damaged Hair400mlThis energizing shampoo, formulated especially for damaged hair, gently and thoroughly cleanses scalp and hair while providing important nutrients to keep hair strong and beautiful.Rhodiola Rosea has key active components rosavin, rosarin and rosin. These healing compounds are concentrated...
Organic Nourishing & Protective Shampoo for Dry & Damaged Hair400mlThis nourishing and protective shampoo has been formulated especially for dry and damaged hair. It gently cleanses, instantly moisturizes, and strengthens hair, leaving it manageable and soft.Rhodiola Rosea has key active components rosavin, rosarin and rosin. These healing compounds are...
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