This passion project was born from an understanding of the dangers of pesticides and the level of misuse and abuse of pesticides in Mauritius. We knew early on that in order to reduce the impact of pesticides, we cannot change the mind of the users of pesticides. Instead, we need to change the mind of the end consumer of the product - the customer. 

There are a few ways you could change their minds - such as hosting awareness campaigns, writing articles in the newspaper, etc – and these are very helpful. However, the effort is pointless if the customers do not have the means to purchase organic products. In recent years, we have been seeing some organic businesses opening up on the island and although they are growing quickly, they are tiny in comparison to other non-organic suppliers. To compete with non-organic suppliers, help is needed and this is where we come in.

In early 2019, we decided to join forces with various organic suppliers on the island to build an online platform on which to sell organic products to the end consumer. But Morganic is more than this. Our value proposition is not only centred on the convenience of purchasing online, but we are also sharing in the passion and values of our customers for organic products. Morganic builds a relationship with the customer founded on trust, because almost all our products are certified, and compassion, because we care about our customer’s health. Furthermore, Morganic identifies a niche market that it wants to grow by sharing knowledge and creating awareness.

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